Have you heard of Michael Chatman? While we hear from so many brilliant fellow fundraisers, what's unique about Michael's voice is that he speaks from the perspective of a philanthropist. His mission is to celebrate the joy of giving and he shares the stories of his own and other individual's philanthropy. His main medium is a radio program called the Giving Show, which is available online. 

Today, Michael posted a list of his Top 20 Blogs in Philanthropy, culled from a list of over 350 candidates.

It really highlights the best-of-the-best and also introduced me to a couple of blogs that I hadn't been tuned in to yet.

If you're looking to sharpen your fundraising game this fall, or your giving game, for that matter (!), add a few of these URLs to your morning news reading list.

Thank you to Michael Chatman for creating this great resource!

Happy reading...

PS. Stay tuned - I'll be making guest blogger appearances on two of the top 20 blogs listed in the coming weeks.

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