This past week, I've been watching Season 3 of the HBO series The Wire (2004). The show is an extremely complex take on drug trafficking, policing and municipal government in West Baltimore. 

Interestingly, leadership and management issues are issues addressed both in the hierarchies of the drug lords and their counterparts in the police force and government. What I didn't expect was to see a capital campaign being led by Dennis aka Cutty - a drug soldier who decides to help "hoppers" (teen boys) get off the streets and into his boxing gym.

A little unconventional in some ways, a
lot more swearing and politically volatile language, but Dennis identifies a campaign goal, designs naming opportunities, decides to focus on major gifts rather than on corporate sponsorships or smaller donations, researches his prospect and goes out to make the "ask" with written proposal in hand.
Watch what happens here (note, this clip does contain strong language):

4/26/2011 05:47:28 am

Hmmm, you really caught this clip CA!

I totally feel like the drug dealer watching fundraisers hustle for too small an ask, it literally makes the donors laugh!

Once watched someone make a donor laugh like this asking for $2,500 when they told us later they were prepared to give $100K! They gave $10,000 and looked generous, the fundraiser thought they were the bees knees but $90K was left on the table.

Nail, head, hit. Well written.


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