Just heard about this incredible session taking place on Saturday, April 16 at Queen's University in Kingston ON! Free registration to the first 25 participants and especially aimed at women working in the NGO sector. 

Quite sad that I'll be in Toronto at another conference, but please get in touch if you do attend and I'd love to hear about how the session went!


Invitation to a workshop for women working in NGOs

Sponsored by Queen’s University


Women constitute 52% of the population and just over 50% of the paid workforce.  But women’s perspectives account for only 16% of the columns and guest commentaries in Canada’s largest daily newspapers.  Why is this? Editors say women rarely submit op-ed pieces for publication, yet such ‘expert commentary’ influences the public policy agenda.


In an effort to bridge the current gender gap in information media Queen's University is offering a workshop entitled ‘Informed Opinions’ to help train women with an established knowledge base in their fields to contribute their views to the public discourse.   


A day-long workshop for women working in the NGO sector will be offered on Saturday April 16th.  Participants will: 


·       gain practice articulating their expertise with confidence

·       learn how to write clear, persuasive commentary   for op-ed submissions

·       gain insight into the submissions process

·       gain access to editing support to polish their writing and increase their chances of getting published

·       learn simple strategies to improve effectiveness in interviews

·       be considered for inclusion in an online expert sources list for journalists


The workshop is designed to help women leaders in the not-for-profit community increase the profile of their issue or organization in mainstream news media, specialty publications, or the blogosphere. 


This workshop has a regular cost of $250 per participant, however Queen's University is offering the session free of charge to a maximum of 25 participants.  Because of the limited space, priority will be given to women in the NGO sector who are most likely to use the skills they gain to impact public discourse about public policy and current issues.    


Informed Opinions Workshop Details:

Date: Saturday April 16, 2011

Time: 9:00 am to 4:30 pm

Place:    Queen’s University Club, 168 Stewart Street (on campus)

Cost: Free. (includes a modest catered lunch)

For more information about Informed Opinions, visit  http://www.informedopinions.org

To register for the workshop, please complete this survey:




Feel free to share this notice with your network. 


Sponsored by the office of Vice Principal Tom Harris and offered by Informed Opinions (a project of Media Action).  For more information please contact shari@informedopinions.org



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