Personally, I have been very lucky to spend a number of years in development programs that were able to support several full-time gift planning professionals and where I could focus my energy exclusively on building a legacy gift program.

However, industry surveys show that it is only a small percentage of fundraisers that are in this type of position. More commonly, gift planning is only part of one's responsibilities or not included at all. 

With limited time and resources, how can fundraising and financial planning professionals still build enabling legacy gifts into their work?

Tony Martignetti has posted an article about the 5 Ways to be a Planned Giving Evangelist. The good news is that his tips are all about attitude. If you can become an enthusiastic believer yourself, you will begin to see opportunities to share your own passion and inspire others. 

The truth is that marketing campaigns and advanced technical knowledge are must-haves for large programs, but for most people, all you need is to be able to introduce the topic and be ready to provide some very basic information to the donor's estate professional. 

Your own enthusiasm is the most powerful marketing tool in your arsenal and luckily, it won't be a line-item on your operating budget!

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