It seems that all the twitter these days is about Twitter!

I get about 10 info-tweets a day about harnessing digital media and social networking and it's all the rage in my professional circles. 

No one is a social media expert yet - we're all learning and adapting as a society. If you're like me and just starting out, here's a great Twitter primer posted by Socially Good.

The question: Is Twitter a value-added forum or simply too much information? 

To me, Twitter is the ultimate narrowcasting medium. You know exactly who your audience is, they select you and most profiles I've seen have between 50 and 500 followers, which is a small group. So, unless you can create buzz and spread your profile virally through re-tweets, this is not wide-cast marketing. That means this is a chance to have a fairly personalized, value-added conversation with the people who have chosen you.

The hardest part for me so far is that this medium literally moves at the speed of thought! I spend most of my day in information overload unable to go down all the 'rabbit holes' of valuable links that are provided to me. The other part is that because I follow such a large variety of people, I receive a completely random mish-mash of information often at times when it's not where my head is at.

The quest, can I keep up a conversation with the minds of 132 brilliant people and counting? We'll see...

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